Ned Pentecost is a ten-years-old running a newspaper route when wife abuse, which he witnesses at home too, leads to the deadly shooting. Determined to live a different life, in the late 1960s Ned becomes a Methodist minister and marries a church member, Linda Mercer, his senior year of college. But Ned’s life quickly changes once they move to Kansas City where he attends a liberal seminary and is exposed to Black Panthers, strippers, hippies, and the anti-war movement, as well as to drugs.

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What others are saying about White Boy Blues:

“A fast-paced, drug-fueled novel … entertaining … until the end.” – Kirkus Reviews


“I didn’t put it down.” Anne Waldman, poet


“Terrific writing from a man who knows his trade!” Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

The print book is available on Amazon for $8.99 plus shipping. White Boy Blues is also available from other on-line resellers, at bookstores, and in Great Britain and Europe. The e-book price is $2.99.


When lions and tigers escape in rural Idaho, town officials, in need of revenue, hold the first safari in America. What nobody counts on are two giant, artifically bred ligers, that also are freed. No cats have ever been larger or more dangerous. Hunters flock to town, but unlike deer and elk, ligers do not run away. They kill people. It’s up to police chief, Jackson Hobbs, and a female, professional hunting guide, Katy Osborne, to stop the monster cats. 

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What others are saying about Claws:

Intensely atmospheric, Ozzie Cheek’s Claws employs clarity and precision to reveal a rich panorama of a small town entrapped by a big time disaster.
– Keith Abbott, author of Downstream from Trout Fishing in America: a Memoir of Richard Brautigan. 


Claws is a tremendous read. Well-written and scary. A lethal combination. I suggest you do what I did, and read it in the daytime. Nighttime reading was too scary.
– Nancy De Los Santos, Writer

85% of the reviews on Amazon.com give Claws 4 or 5 stars!

The print book and e-book are available for purchase again. 


I wrote my first story when I was in the 5th  grade, a cowboy story.  I stole my first kiss on the playground about the same time, but that’s another story.  I knew at an early age that I would be a writer, but life took many detours, and I was in my mid-thirties before I started writing fiction.