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Saturday, June 16th, 2012 at 6:53 am

Last Friday I had a two-hour lesson on how to maintain my new web site.  I understood it about as well as French verb conjugation, but with luck, maybe I’ll not destroy the site.  What I need now is a lesson in the etiquette of social media – Emily Post for the Tweet Generation.  The proper placement and use of silverware are easy compared to deciphering the rules that govern texting, tweeting, posting, linking, and e-mailing.  I confess – I ask people not to text me.  Texting make me feel like I’m in the sixth grade passing notes to a girl named Bev and hoping that she’ll do a flip on the playground so I can see her underpants (although I have no understanding of why I want to see her underpants).  To date the longest text I’ve sent has been – LOL.

Instead, I e-mail frequently, although I’m told e-mail is so yesterday.  Not wanting to be stuck in the Apple Lisa Age, I’ve added Facebook and Linkedin and Twitter.  Someone on my Facebook home page – is that right, ‘my home page’? – recently posted daily updates about their ten day colon cleansing diet.  TMI, right?  There are rules for what is interesting and informative and what is TMI, isn’t there?

I also got an e-mail from ‘a friend.’ Okay, she’s over forty and I’m, well, older.  So we e-mail.  I was ready to respond immediately, but then I thought, “E-mail isn’t the same as texting or IMing or tweeting.”  I started to ponder the fine line separating ‘overly eager’ from ‘indifferent’ when e-mailing.  How long do I wait to respond?  Two days?  Does waiting three days mean replying is a chore?  How long before you need to make up excuses?  Is waiting longer than a week to reply like saying FO?

Last week I tweeted.  It was not as exciting as Bev’s underpants, but I felt fine about losing my Twitterginity – at least until I thought, if a tweet lands in cyberspace and nobody reads it, is it still a tweet?  Does that mean I’m still – you know?  And here’s another thing that baffles me.  Ninety percent of the people I’m ‘linked to’ are ‘friends’, so do I post the same message on both?  Why is it called a ‘wall’ anyway?  Look, all I’m asking for is a little help, maybe an APP called ‘Parlez-vous geek?’.  I mean, GMAB.  Is that right, GMAB?

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